Sunday, June 5, 2011

Disaster victims beware of shoddy contractors.

We recently drove from Longview, Washington to Ohio/West Virginia for a search and rescue call then on down to the tornado stricken areas.

Every single river we crossed over was flooded. IN Arizona there are major fires. All over in the USA there are numerous floods. In the mid west there are tornado victims. In the stricken areas of Joplin, these areas will have to be flattened more then they already are and rebuilt. Thus this warning.

In talking with law enforcement I learned that many areas stricken by disasters in the USA, fall victim to mother nature then victim to greedy shoddy contractors.
Before you hire anyone to do any kind of work for you, check three of their references.
Next, get a contract in writing. What do you expect them to do and for for how much $.
Once they have completed their job, check their work. Make sure it's inspected and up to standards.
Check with your better business bureau for any lists of complaints against the specific contractors.

Be safe, be educated. You've already been a victim once. Don't make it worse by being a victim a second time around.
Thank you

Our prayers are with all you during this time.

Harry Oakes
Search and Rescue Coordinator.

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